Complete solution for individual or mass scanning of documents with authenticated copy

COPIA AUTENTICA transforms documents in paper format to electronic format while guaranteeing an authentic copy, allowing the interoperability of the procedure, as regulated by law.

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Authenticated copy is the evolution of getting a document notarised

An electronic procedure to facilitate the submission of documents by citizens

Our COPIA AUTENTICA solution is an automated administrative action

It carries out the procedure in an easy, fast, efficient way, with full legal value

All information remains on the authenticated document

COPIA AUTENTICA brings together the electronic document, metadata, digital signature and the time stamp

Advantages and guarantees of the COPIA AUTENTICA System
Features available depending on platform

Intelligent image enhancement

The system will enhance the scanned image or digital document while staying true to the original.

Reducing file weight

It optimizes storage space and significantly reduces issues for interoperability systems that set limits, such as 10Mb per file or 15Mb per record.

Fast, secure and with a single click

It is a scanning solution with extremely fast authenticated copying, with an extraordinary ease of use and without neglecting the necessary security.

In compliance with all regulations

It guarantees authenticity, integrity, inalterability and conservation of documents (Laws 39/2015 and 40/2015).

Automated signatures

COPIA AUTENTICA will add a time signature and digital signature automatically and transparently for the user.

Solutions for all kinds of work infrastructures

Process via TWAIN

The documents are placed in the feeder. With a single click, the documents are processed, and the authenticated copy is stored in the system.

Processing on HP MFPs

Using HP Command Center COPIA AUTENTICA application, the user scans and generates an authenticated copy within the MFP or on an external server.

Process of digital documents

Generation of an autheticated copy from a document in digital format with our eCopia solution.